How to Add cPanel Email to Gmail

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How to Add cPanel Email to Gmail

First: go to cPanel (Within our website you can access it by clicking through My Services then the Hosting and then from the left menu - Enter the cPanel Control Panel)

Second: go to e-mails


Create the email if you haven't created it yet

Then next to the email we want to add, press CONNECT DEVICES


then it goes to the page where the email information is similar to the following

Mail Client Manual Settings

Third: Login to

Then move to settings under gmail

gmail settings

Then move to the Accounts and Import section

Then we choose to add a new account from here

Add Email Account

The first step in writing the full email

Then fill the next form as shown in the picture
With attention to Pop server and port, to be identical to what we found in the previous image within cPenal for email settings

gmail account settings

Click Add Account

keep this yes


We choose the settings as shown in the picture

You write your name or the name of your company


Also here are the settings as obtained from cPanel


Finally, he requests verification of e-mail by sending a message to him
You can open it from within the cPanel
Click on a link or copy the confirmation number and place it

confirm email address


Now how to send from new email in Gmail
The email must be changed in the From field when sending an email every time you send an email

Or you can make the second email the default for sending instead of Gmail

You can do this by choosing it by default from the same Settings page, then Accounts and Import

At Send mail as you can click on Make Default next to the new email

make default

Thus, the explanation ends

Good luck ..

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