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The currently accepted payment methods on TH3Provider website depend on the service provided


Payment methods in general are as follows:

1- PayPal

2- Visa, Mastercard, Credit or Debit Cards (we accept MADA in Saudi Arabia And Knet in Kuwait)

3- Vodafone Cash and Fawry in Egypt

4- FastPay and ZainCash in Iraq

5- PerfectMoney

6- Skrill

7- Payeer

8- Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherum, and other cryptocurrencies

9- Other payment methods
Contact us if you do not find a payment method that suits you to check if we can provide a Payment Methode for you



Accepted payment methods for the following services:

( Games Gift Cards - Pubg Mobile UC - Shopping Gift Cards -Google Play - iTunes)

PayPal and credit cards not Accepted for previous services

For the rest of the services, all payment methods are accepted

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