Install OpenVPN on Your VPS

Peace, mercy and blessings of God
Today we going to Explain how to install OpenVPN server on your VPS to use as a personal VPN for you to change your IP and surf the Internet safely.
To be able to use it on your computer or mobile devices
First: The server must clean not use Apache before , to not cause a conflict between them
(They may work together at the same time, but this is not what we are going to explain today)
Works On these Systems
Ubuntu Debian Redhat Centos
open this page

select the system you need


for example I selected Centos 

Select your version

the command will be shown


yum -y install
yum -y install openvpn-as
do them on your server using ssh
after Installation this links will shown
Admin  UI:
Client UI:

instead of x will be your server IP

Second: Setup openvpn Passwird

Use this command
passwd openvpn

it will ask you for password twice

third : go to Admin URL in your browser 
username is openvpn
password is what you wrote in the previous step

from the left menu select Management and User Permissions

select on Allow Auto-login at user openvpn

Press save settings
Update Running Server

after that login to the client page
same user and password 
click on yourself autologin profile

this file can be used to connect to your server 

you can import it in the program at your pc or mobile and connect the vpn

Note: The free license from OpenVPN allows you to connect to it from two devices simultaneously only. It is not possible to connect to more than two devices unless you purchase their license.

Links of Client Program
Windows 64 bit

Windows 32 bit

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